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not fitting in

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Sep. 15th, 2002 | 08:20 pm


So I went to watch Farscape over at a friends place this friday, and as usual we went out to dinner. This time we went to chili's and one person in the group was most, most unhappy with their food.

One of the problems with this convention is the wildly differing types of food people want to eat. I'm vegetarian and to help loose weight want to switch even further toward vegan food prepared from fresh ingredients. On the other extreme the person mentioned above seems to favor burgers from fast food restaurants. Then there are those leaning toward the typical carnivorous American diet.

There's a great area in Pasadena with a wide variety of interesting restaurants. Unfortunately since it's rather popular, parking is quite bad. However it's 1.7 miles away, so in principal that's a trivial bike ride, or a reasonably decent walk. Of course I'm the only who'd push for doing that, though I believe there are two others in our group of 6 who are capable of the trip.

Also biked about 16 miles today (though with two long breaks on the way out.) I want some ice cream. (perhaps it's not so bad if you bike or walk to the ice cream shop?)

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