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"The tragedy of the commons"

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Sep. 14th, 2002 | 11:07 am
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Reclaiming the Commons is a nice review of some of the issues attached to the idea of "the commons". It also includes a description of four examples of theft from the people.

I wonder how much farther the plutocracy need go before we decide that they have failed their part of the social contract giving them legitimacy to govern?

One example is the effort commercial interests are putting into controlling the internet via the domain naming system and web portals. My reaction is to wonder if it'd be possible to recast some peer to peer system to replace the current DNS. The idea being to construct some protocol that gives everyone a little control over DNS. (Hmm... perhaps the term managed anarchy, or perhaps the view, the protocol defines the social contract and then it's up to individuals to manage it.).

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