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Sep. 2nd, 2002 | 01:10 am

It should not be 30 C ( 86 F ) at 1am.

Also saw Amie and Jaguar tonight. It was sad, but made me thing I should do more seizing of the moments and actually try dating at some point. (Maybe I could even manage to do those strange things people seem to do in bed with each other.)

Oh yes, also attended a primarily lesbian party today, and cooked one of the dishes from my vegan cookbook (millet pilaf) and someone even complemented me on it. While there I met another woman whose a sysadmin, though for windows. (Which lead me to the realization that I think windows sysadmins are better dressers than linux sysadmins. Something to do with the business environment vs. the ultra-geeky environment)

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