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I hate it when people mention sex around me. It seems so distant, so alien to my experiences. I can't really imagine how such a thing could ever actually involve me.

I'm quite sure that my issues with depression and body-image make things difficult, plus being attracted to people with certain types of "woman" gender who are also attracted to people with "woman" genders adds extra complexity. Especially since I added all that extra verbage for a reason. I'm not too sure many people have been exposed to the theories leading up to the idea of similar gender attraction as being distinct from same sex attraction.

Sex, sexuality, dating, relationships, and the people who do those things make me sad.

The worst part is I am a fragment of my culture, which loves to talk about sex & sexuality but only in a teasing unrealistic way. So I have these feelings like it's supposed to be important and people are "supposed" to be in relationships. And I end up feeling even more like a freak because I can't connect correctly. I've got the wrong baud rate, and I think I've got odd parity too.

There are people who can actually end up in relationships who I don't think are as anywhere near as self-aware as me. However, they might be more positive, and they almost certainly are better at self-promotion which might have something to do with it. Or perhaps I'm just engaging in self-sabotage.

whine whine pout pout... with an extra dose of feeling sorry for myself.

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