Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Does exercise help with stress?

Today continued in this weeks tradition of being a horrible nightmare. It started with having to get up earlier than usual to help setup a teleconferenced meeting. Followed by lunch, followed by another meeting, and then because I foolishly asked what I should do, I was tormented with yet another meeting. 6 hours of meetings, one day.

Did I mention that I'm behind on delivering a product that several other projects need?

Then when I came home I discovered my cat hand thrown up on my bed. Not something one usually finds pleasant. But for added misery, the ants have returned and so were crawling throughout my bed trying to clean up for me.

Pity I just want to collapse into bed because of the monotony of meeting day and fail to find pleasure in ants mistaking me for food.

But finally things started looking up, I managed to force myself to pull my bike out and get some groceries. And then a bit later I decided to take an hour out to go riding. Along my journey I peeked into the local gay bar, which I found a touch nerve wracking, but managed to survive. While there I noticed how amazingly non-femme I seem compared to the average trans-woman.

Right now, even though I'm still quite busy, have many things that need to get done, and am rapidly running out of time for several deadlines. I feel strangely relaxed. I wonder if exercise does actually help one feel relaxed and at peace with the world.

Oh yes, one other nifty thing about my bike. Monday I went to a bicycle activist meeting and was complemented on my good taste in bikes. (He was surprised to learn that I learned how to ride here in LA, by bike and messanger bag are far more common in places like san fransisco or oregon.) Then today at the grocery store another person remarked on my bike. And lastly at the gay bar, another individual felt the need to comment appreciatively.

The final bike related thing is I think I'm only now managing to build up the courage to get the seat up to its proper height. I was somewhat nervous about being that far off the ground, not to mention the question of how one climb on to it.

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