Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Other peoples relationships

My mother called me to remind me that one of my cousins was getting married soon. Since I failed to open the invite, I learned that it was this weekend on saturday, which conflicts with one of my role playing game group.

I think one of the reasons I ignored it is I just find dealing with other people entering relationships depressing. And since I just finished talking with a caltech undergrad about their current relationship issues, I'm feeling a bit depressed. (Thankfully my anxiety about telling a boss, no you can't have that code by your unreasonable deadline, is overriding the depression).

I think that I lack some of the basic skills that allow one to get involved with relationships such as: calling people who seem that they might be interested, finding time to get to know them, pacing the process of revealing increasing levels of personal information, actually finding real people interesting and attractive, being comfortable with the idea that someone could like me, and not find myself horribly ugly & repulsive.

But mostly I'm annoyed that I have to back out of an event with friends to go deal with an annoying hetero-ritutual.

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