Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


This weekend I went off to the mountains with some friends of mine. I rather enjoyed the relaxed pace, though I do worry a bit of the results of eating too much rather rich food.

Some of the people we went with were desperatly trying to get the wildlife to be cute and perform for them. (Trying to bribe chipmunks with pancakes or cheese, for instance.)

I wasn't too certain of the wisdom of feeding creature human food. (Since it isn't all that good for us either.)

One of the rather amusing things though, when I returned back to my apartment this evening, I saw some animals pawing through a bag of cat food that was sitting outside. (I thought I'd throw it away as my cat didn't like it.)

On closer inspection it turned out to be four racoons. I had no idea that they'd managed to survive in an urban environment.

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