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Extending the 101

So as I was walking to work today I saw a reference to a plan to expand the capcity of the 101 freeway. The most obvious plan was to add a second level to the freeway. The estimated cost of the plans range from $3 to $11 billion dollars.

It appears that the valley is about 15 miles long. The pasadena gold line is supposed to cost about $450 million dollars. It aparently would've cost an extra $350 million to put the whole thing underground. Like the pasadena route, the MTA has a right of way cutting through the valley. So I'm guessing it would cost for a valley metro would be similar to the cost of the pasadena line. Which is a fraction of the cost of the plan to extend the freeway.

One of the other reasons cars start failing in an urban environment is after a certain point you start having exponential increases in cost to obtain the necessary right of ways to extend your auto infrastructure.

All I need to do now is verify that the capcities are similar.

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