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sell out

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Jul. 17th, 2002 | 12:54 am

So I've sold (partially) out and given money to one of the earlier "evil empires" of the microcomputer world. Though I can justify it a bit and claim that they've reformed.

I bought an apple product, a titanium powerbook.

So its display is far, far better than my poor little vaio picture book, though it's a bit more than twice as heavy. It's kind of nice to also have the wireless and ethernet jacks are just built into the unit, instead of being little things I can forget and leave at home.

So the reformations of apple that I'd mentioned above, first off they now have a command line, Mac OS X is unix. It ships with vi and (character mode) emacs installed, as well as openssh, apache, and many other fun bits of open source software. Also they even open-sourced the core of the OS.

Though apple still smacked the linux commuity around when they started trying to duplicate apples new "Aqua" look and feel, which bothers me. But on the whole they're certainly better than say the RIAA or the MPAA.

The down side is this means I've spent the past few days moving in, getting a "GUI" mode emacs up and running, installing a mail server, installing fink (A distribution of open-source/GPL software ported to MacOS X), and just generally making my little unix geek heart happy.

BTW, windows with proper alpha blending is neat. Sometimes annoying, but still neat. Another neat interface idea is pop-up dialogs drop down from the title bar of the application that poped it up. Which nicely associates the dialog with the application. Nor does the pop-up block other applications from running.

I just miss focus follows mouse/sloppy focus.

Though I'm worrying that I spent too much money, and that I'm violating my push toward simplicity and being able to have a good financial cushion in case something goes horribly wrong with my job.

It's not like I actually needed a new computer. (Though I was using my current laptop as my primary machine and it was too small, and the battery died, and the mac is really nice, and has a built in DVD/CD-RW drive)

Oh yes, and since ACPI wasn't supported under linux for my previous laptop, the feature that I can close this laptop and have it enter sleep mode is wonderful.

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