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Recent observations

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Jul. 7th, 2002 | 12:28 pm

I seem to unfairly priviledge "important" things. I tend to act like obsessing about global warming, under-valuing resources, the weakening of social fabric, as being the things that are worthy of discussion.

This devalues the "little" stuff that fills life, like today I made vegan pancakes, (and though somewhat unlike regular pancakes, were still good). Or sharing how amazingly nice the scent of flowers are in the evening.

I find it hard to converse about casual things, things that are not related to solving problems either global problems, or problems friends are having.

I haven't really explored how to converse about non-serious things.

I guess part of it was even as a child I was a pretty abstract thinker, I still think having a discussion about whether there is such a thing as "Truth" is loads of fun. As I got older, I learned that few people find such things entertaining, which is frustrating because it means that I rarely share what I enjoy with others.

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Lucky Tourist

(no subject)

from: luckytourist
date: Jul. 7th, 2002 06:09 pm (UTC)

I, for one, thoroughly enjoy your journal. I think I was much the same when I was young. I have always felt older than my peers, and have always enjoyed abstract thought. I consider myself a bit of a philosopher, but people don't take me seriously because I don't have little letters after my name. I enjoy it nonetheless, and will continue to ponder the state of the world to my heart's content.

Just know that there are those of us out here listening....

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