Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

I've been tricked!

I was reading The joy of not working and realized that I've let societies expectations about vacations unduly influence me. I've been thinking that vacations require you to go to far off distant lands, when I want to spend some time nesting by making my apartment more comfortable and enjoyable place to be, or by exploring my neighborhood on my bike, or reading, or playing games, or learning to compost, or helping a friend write a paper on utopian communities.

I really should figure out how to work less... there's just far too much interesting stuff to do in life to spend it all working.

Though one of my greatest impediments to enjoying life is my fear at sharing my excitment about things I'm interested in. It rather limits my ability to get others to participate and share in my enjoyment. (I think being excited and passionate about something is one of the key things that gets others interested and involved in activities.)

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