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Diane Trout

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whimper, whine...

I spoke with the woman who I'm most recently interested in, it sounds like she's currently interested in someone else. As usual I probably fail the sufficiently physically "attractive" test.

Why can't I be happy with people who are friends, my life would be so much better than with this angsting over wanting to date.

Not to mention I think my odds are exceedingly poor, data suggests few people I think are attractive reciprocate the opinion. Not to mention my rather intense political and environmental views which put me strongly at odds with most of american society (and if you want to form close attachments it's nice to have people who can at least respect your point of view).

It might help if I was more confident and didn't wander around thinking that I was crazy. Of course being certain of ones correctness can all too easily lead to a rather irritating arrogance and self-righteousness. (A state I have manage to unfortunately achieve on occasion.)

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