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I just figured out a much better way of describing my world view. I know of two "simple" things that can be done that will reduce species extinctions, reduce the global warming, reduce violent crime, provide a less alienating society, increase local democratic participation, provide a more asthetically pleasing city, provide children with safer more independant lives, provide more free time for mothers and increase societies physical health by reducing obesity, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and heart attacks.

Pray tell, what could this secret to near utopia be?

In case you hadn't been paying attention to my journal, the two answers are: redesign cities to discourage (and hopefully eliminate automobile usage) by making walking, biking, and public transit easy, convienent, safe, and most importantly fast; The other is to eat a primarily organic vegetarian diet. (It's not just me many evnironmental recommend the top two things individuals can do to improve the environment are drive less and eat less meat, followed up by locally grown organic vegetables, and more efficent appliences and homes.)

So what do you think of the website name "DepaveLA.org"? I kind of like the link between the "ey" sound in the word pave that links nicely with the "ey" sound in L.A. I'm just not sure if DepaveLA might not be a little to threatening for most drivers. I was thinking that I really should set up something to post the results of all this research I've done into the effects of the automobile and why the alternatives are better.

The other shocking thing given my history of whining in this journal is I think I just managed to describe my vision for a better future in a positve exciting manner. Instead of the doom & gloom that I've been wedded to for so long.

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