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Being attracted to someone is annoying

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Jun. 23rd, 2002 | 02:12 am
mood: frustratedfrustrated

The woman that I've been thinking is really attractive I had a horrible time trying to deal with her today. I ended up feeling really awkward, and I think missed a chance to go chat with her. She said something about needing a drink, and I unfortunatly answered literaly. Much later I realized I could've said something like would you like to go get one?

One of the things about her that's recently crossed my mind is "Why would someone that attractive be spending time with ugly ol' me."

There's two problems with that statement, the obvious, thinking poorly of myself. The other, seems to be related to being too worried about peoples apperance.

I started worrying that I may be being too superficial about who I'm interested in. They have to be both good looking physically and intellectually stimulating. The wanting to be involved with someone whose physically attractive bothers me.
I wish I didn't feel so desperate, I think then I wouldn't feel so anxious (from the fear that I'll never find someone attractive (intellectually, emotionally, & physically) who returns that affection. Of course feeling anxious about that just makes it that much harder to get to know people.

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