Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Shopping for clothes

I went shopping for clothes Saturday, and as usual felt traumatized.

So then I started wondering, what would be preferable to trying to buy clothes for myself. Doing my taxes, giving lab meeting, facilitating a chat group with 40 people, all far preferable to trying to find clothes.

I came to the conclusion it's about equal in pain and suffering to an hours session of thermolysis, with the probe set pretty high and absolutely no pain killers.

For those that don't know thermolysis is a variant of electrolysis where they slip a thin needle along a hair follicle and then heat it up sufficient to give the tissue surrounding the probe a 2nd degree burn.

And for an hours session, this then repeats, about a thousand times.

Did I mention I really don't like to deal with the existence of my own body?

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