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It burns!

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Jun. 3rd, 2002 | 10:20 am

So since I'm realizing that biking is kinda fun, and can pass for good exercise if you do it long enough I'm going to have to find a solution to the main downside--daylight.

Admittedly there's enough street lights around here that biking in the early evening isn't all that bad, but I do want to be able to travel safely outside, and alas, I think sunscreen is icky.

Thankfully, technology has a solution for me, that doesn't need me to hide indoors all the time. There exists clothing with SPF/UPF factors.

Although as an aside I'm also now tempted by the idea of trying to track down a UV sensor so I can see if I have any clothing that has some protective capacity.

The big downside to this, is I'm running out of spare money. Buying a protective wardrobe would be a bit expensive, then there's buying a better bike, and I was also thinking of switching to magnetic resonance cookware so I can turn the stove with it's inefficient and hot pilot lights off. (And I thought I was trying to simplify my life.)

FYI, the sites I've found are (in reverse order of finding them) www.sunprotected.com, www.solareclipse.com, and http://www.sunprecautions.com.

(Weird, the first two sites I listed have the same (or at least nearly the same) product lines. But sun precautions actually has a store in santa monica (which is nearby). (Is it just programmers who are anal about making sure their parenthesis for parenthetical comments match?))

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