Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

It burns!

So since I'm realizing that biking is kinda fun, and can pass for good exercise if you do it long enough I'm going to have to find a solution to the main downside--daylight.

Admittedly there's enough street lights around here that biking in the early evening isn't all that bad, but I do want to be able to travel safely outside, and alas, I think sunscreen is icky.

Thankfully, technology has a solution for me, that doesn't need me to hide indoors all the time. There exists clothing with SPF/UPF factors.

Although as an aside I'm also now tempted by the idea of trying to track down a UV sensor so I can see if I have any clothing that has some protective capacity.

The big downside to this, is I'm running out of spare money. Buying a protective wardrobe would be a bit expensive, then there's buying a better bike, and I was also thinking of switching to magnetic resonance cookware so I can turn the stove with it's inefficient and hot pilot lights off. (And I thought I was trying to simplify my life.)

FYI, the sites I've found are (in reverse order of finding them) www.sunprotected.com, www.solareclipse.com, and http://www.sunprecautions.com.

(Weird, the first two sites I listed have the same (or at least nearly the same) product lines. But sun precautions actually has a store in santa monica (which is nearby). (Is it just programmers who are anal about making sure their parenthesis for parenthetical comments match?))

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