Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Activist vs Scientist

Last night I was realizing that of the women I've found attractive in recent years, a good fraction of them have been social activists of some type. To some degree, I wonder if that's partially wish fullfillment, or if just it's I have a strong belief in the need to improve the quality of life, and so am most comfortable with people who also are involved and doing stuff.

Although part of me feels like I should be doing more activism, I really don't like dealing with lots of different people. I'm actually happiest reading interesting research and trying to figure out solutions to physical problems.

If I had some more confidence (and some workspace) I'd probably enjoy building interesting stuff.

Like the idea of buying a house, I would of course try and implement all the various tricks I've found to keep the inside of a house cool to minimize the use of an air conditioner. If I actually kept records and monitored the changes accomplished by such projects, that project produces data useful for others interested in improving their energy efficiency. (which produces a whole host of environmental improvments).

So basically how can someone with a shy engineer/scientist personality type get in on coming up with a more sustainable life? Is it effective to just improve upon what I'm good at--research and development? And leave the stuff involving getting people to cooperate and change behaviors to someone else?

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