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May. 4th, 2002 | 01:10 am

So here I am getting sick and instead of going to bed, I'm checking out www.seattlewireless.net looking for public wireless access points near the hotel I'll be staying at in a couple of weeks.

Hmm... If I can just get enough height and a good enough antenna for about 400meters life should be good. I wonder if I can take a home made yagi antenna on board an airplane these days. (A long screw with a bunch of washers bolted onto it.) Not to mention the pringles can.

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(no subject)

from: redtangent
date: May. 5th, 2002 06:06 am (UTC)

I wish I'd known this wireless network existed while I was still out there.

I thought the only adhoc, volunteer network in existence was in London.

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Diane Trout

(no subject)

from: alienghic
date: May. 5th, 2002 10:20 am (UTC)

They're scattered around the country... I've heard of things in seattle, portland, and san jose. But that's probably because those are the closest to me. Though the big island in hawai'i is aparently completely covered as well.

los angeles doesn't really have anything, but that's because it lacks any social cohesiveness.

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