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I stumbled accross an article Is Cycling Dangerous?. The authors statistics seem pretty reasonable in that the values that he quotes for things that I know about, like motor vehicle and suicide deaths match up.

The author has an interesting table of odds of dying in crashes by vehicle, an accident involving a bus is by far the safest your chances of dying are only 1 in 1000, cars are the second best at 1 in 108, Pickup, SUV, Vans are at 1 in 75, Bicycles are 1 in 71, and alas, being on foot was the worst at 1 in 15.

Although all those SUVs are making bicycling more dangerous, the odds of a bicyclist dying in a collision with an automobile were 1 in 113, while a collision with an SUV was only 1 in 47.

Oh yes, another fun statistic is apparently when you factor in stop and go traffic, sitting waiting for the light to change and other such things, the average automobile speed is probably about 25 mph. One guy living in San Jose, installed a timer in his car and over an 11 year period covering 125,000 miles, he averaged just 17 mph.

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