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Apr. 5th, 2002 | 01:00 am
mood: pleasedpleased

So, American Tax Filing day is nearing, and althought I haven't really started on my taxes, tonight I did manage to balance my accounts and reduce the pile of unprocessed mail. That allowed me to find my tax related paperwork.

Let's see if I can finish off everything early enough that I don't need to drive to the late night post office.

So I've decided that counts as some progress, and I've still got 10 days left.

Though one extra annoying thing about doing my taxes. I've tried to get the IRS to recognize that I've changed my name. But they don't get it. I've even tried showing up at an IRS office and saying look, I don't look like an , now do I. Unfortunatly the clerk who ended up helping me was blind.

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