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Apache+Zope+SSL and Exim

So in addition to seeing raiders of the lost ark at a midnight showing at a nearby art theater and the fellowship of the ring with the trailer for the two towers I also managed to get a good chunk of my new webserver up and running.

For my virtual hosts I have apache redirecting everything into different zope folders. Additionally I managed to rederect http://vhost/manage to the a zope session protected by ssl on primary hostname.

I almost managed to be able to support creating new virtual hosts by just creating a new directory, but exim's ability to pick apart a domain name isn't as good as apache's. So now I have to create a directory, copy and change change a couple of lines in a file, and create symlinks for any hostname alias.

e.g. to get exim to support aliases for the domain name www.ghic.org, all I have to do is symlink it to chaos.ghic.org

Now if I just had some content.

It'd be nice though if the virtual host email aliases could be edited from within zope instead of needing shell access on the server.

Next is to finish configuring the spam filter. Or perhaps figure out how to get the wiki remote mode to work from with emacs so I can use a wiki to create my homepage.

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