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Note: Each paragraph is a new topic.

Last week my car demanded attention to me and ended up costing $1200 to fix a broken automatic seat-belt tensioner and replace the worn out drivers seat. Ouch

One of my co-workers has been trying to get access point style wireless networking working under linux. He's been having horrible trouble with his PCI adapter for the pcmcia wireless card. However in the process he discovered the little incantation that allowed my PC/104 adapter and pcmcia wireless card to work. Something I'd given up on a while ago because the bug convinced me that the wireless card was one of the newer pc card style (which are incompatible with pcmcia).

I've got a new theory on why people being all affectionate and sexual frustrates me. Since sex and sexuality isn't something that works all that much for me, I'm frustrated by the idea that to get the emotional connections I want, it requires being sexual. Which seems to leave me out in the cold. It seems right now that in choosing people to be interested in, it's involved just running through a list of criteria about their interests and values, and had nothing to do with passion. The other theory is that since I've got so many random interests that can keep me occupied while alone, I just don't have the time or motivation to try and get involved with others.

Last interesting realization, I figured out that my dislike of driving is altering my life. Basically people have given me suggestions on where to go to meet new people (for that ill fated attempting to date thing) but I didn't act all that interested. I suspect a large component is I don't want to find reasons to drive to new places. The people I currently know who I drive to are sort of grandfathered in. I'm beginning to think that I should give up on LA and move somewhere with decent mass transit, lots of geeks, lots of progressives, and a good queer contingent. Pity the economy in the san fransisco area collapsed.

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