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Via C3 866Mhz

So I decided to move some of my computing infrastructure off of my cable modem and into work. So I put together a low end system using a via c3 cpu. I chose it because it's low enough power that it doesn't need a cpu fan (and therefore doesn't contribute much to the noise of my office) and that it should be relatively low power.

The downside is it's kind of slow, I'm currently running an rsync process to move a debian mirror from a dual processor PIII-450 to the via.

According to top, the P3 is running a load average of about 0.5, while the via, is at about 3.6.

hopefully it'll have enough oomph to run mail and light web servers.

On the plus side idle it uses about 28 watts and compiling a linux kernel it was at about 40 watts. Compared to around a 100 watts for my athlon 650 based system.

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