Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Bad at relationships

I was recently contemplating the idea that I'm somewhat bad at maintaining relationships. I tend to forget to make sure that I contact people that I've known and work at maintaining some sense of continuity.

It's really easy for me to let people drift away, and correspondingly really difficult for me to feel close enough to start to actually share details of my emotional life.

(Though for some unknown reason, I find writing things far easier than speaking. Which can lead to the really bizare case of being depressed and prefering to write things instead of trying to talk with my voice breaking up.)

Hmm... well hopefully with this extra information I might be able to make sure that I actually do periodically answer peoples emails and stuff.

Maybe if I get really adventerous, I can try and plan events or at least try and spend time with people that I'm trying to get to know.

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