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Eliminate credit card ads.

So I was looking at the center for a new american dream's web site. And they started an interesting program called turn the tide. It's a set of 9 moderatly simple things to do that will improve the environment.

One of the steps is "independence from junk mail."

This includes a phone number (800-353-0809) to call to have one's name removed permanently from the credit card marketing lists. Admittedly it prompts for your social security number, but I found an additional reference to the same number on a page at the california DMV.

Also while going through my pile of mail, there was also a flyer for a "Do not call" list being offered to block unsolicited telemarketing calls in california. More information is available on this page. Unfortunatly it's going to go live January 2003.

Also if you want to sign up and so I can get credit for convincing more people to join, my email address is "diane" at the domain "ghic.org" (which should be in the format user@dom.ain)

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