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Nasty viruses...

So you know you're sick when you don't even have the energy to catch up on your livejournal's friend list.

The flu is being pretty nasty I spent most of monday and tuesday sleeping, but eventually started feeling better, so I went to work today. Even managed to get some stuff done, before relapsing.

So it's early to bed for me, with a cupful of medicine, and my trust laptop providing service as a heater.

See my in my apartment the heater's broken or at least I don't trust it. The button used to turn it on and toggle its' state tended to get really warm to the touch when on. And then tuesday evening it got stuck in one of the on states.

Thankfully after the apartment manager called me back because of my panic call about "a fire hazard" the button decided to work again and I was able to turn it off.

However I don't trust the thing at all, and although I'm still sick and it's currently 19 deg C (66 deg F) at 22:50 (10:50pm) all I can do is crawl into bed and hope the covers are going to be warm enough.

Hmm... maybe I should've listened to rampling? when she suggested that I get a flu shot.

But heck, at least I dug up some old mp3's of the radio version of the hitchikers guide to the galaxy. That's some good fun for when you need to be curled up in bed.

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