Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Frail is not an option

More annoyance from my doctor.

So he's been wanting me to lose weight and as a way to encourage me he wants me to come in every month.

This time he commented that I was bulking up in upper body strength and that perhaps I shouldn't do that. (As then I'm violating current american gender stereotypes.)

The sad thing is if I'm gaining upper body strength it's either from bicycling (which isn't supposed to do much for your upper body) or from doing about 10 minutes of yoga a day. Once again an activity I don't think is supposed to be adding much muscle mass.

All I can tell is that my body likes to add muscle without much provocation. And it's doing it even without the help of much testosterone.

So pretty much I've got the choice of either being pudgy or looking like an athlete. (without actually being one.)

It's a pity that the current standard of beauty for women seems to be rather thin and frail.

There was a point where I was tempted by the idea of trying to develop an eating disorder so I could try and conform to the expected "female" body type. Aside from my rational part know that doing such a thing is unhealthy, there was also the realization that given the way my body behaves achieving the idealized "female" body type is impossible for me. (Short of an advanced level of nanotechnology or cloning and brain transplants)

So is it possible for a tall, stocky, and muscular woman to be considered attractive? (And is that any better than tall, stocky, and pudgy?)

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