Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


So, I was looking at lojban again, as someone uploaded a couple of tools for the language into the debian archive. (A flash card tutor, and language parser.)

It's a constructed language that has some interesting features, for instance the language has a yacc parser than can unambiguously parse lojban texts.

The also have some interesting words to describe emotional states.

.ui is happiness
.iu is love
.oi is complaint

Then you can combine things to build more complicated states.

Like .iu.ui which seems to mean in love, happily.

However there's also a negation operator nai, which gives us .iu.uinai which means I'm in love and unhappy. A concept that I vote we need to drag back into english. (Given that it seems to be a state people not too unfrequently find themselves in.).

(And since solri listed lojban as an interest, do you think dai,an is a reasonable lojban spelling of diane? (Or is the comma optional in this case?))

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