Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

For having been depressed a few hours ago I'm feeling better now.

My old pair of shoes had worn out, and although I tried ignoring it as long as possible when the water in a puddle seeps through one of the holes in the sole, it's pretty much time to buy something new.

So I went to reiI, and got a pair of walking shoes.

They actually had 11 1/2 womens!

I think I've only seen womens shoes my exact size once or twice before in my life.

And they felt far better for walking than most of the shoes I've owned. (Okay so this particular model of shoe looked exactly the same in "mens" or "womens", so I suspect they just made a large range in that shoe and put gendered labels on them.)

I also got some socks that wick perspiration away. I'm hoping that with those my socks might not feel quite so icky after wearing them all day.

Also I got a warm under jacket to go under the waterproof shell I got a few weeks ago.

Finally I bought some gloves so I don't freeze my fingers when biking home at night.

So I hope they don't throw me out of the anti-capitalist club for buying stuff, but I think it was all stuff that I can actally use. (Perhaps some of it was even shading into stuff that I needed.)

Though there was that heart rate monitor whose order went in today... that certainly wasn't a need. But I'll talk about that justification later.

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