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Good day

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Dec. 2nd, 2001 | 10:47 pm

I went off searching for a heart rate monitor today, but as usual sales people don't know anything and the store that thought they carried what I wanted didn't. When I specifically asked for a particular model they argued with me claiming the model that I wanted doesn't exist.

I of course have seen it available for sale over the net. Even worse. The model I wanted was more expensive than the model they were suggesting.

I get the impression they don't get a lot of computer geeks wandering in to fitness stores.

But that wasn't the best part, as I wandered home a couple of the Caltech lesbians saw me walking from their car. After I wandered over to talk to them, they reminded me of a house warming party one of the gay guys who goes to the Caltech LGBT chat group was having.

So I hopped in with them.

After a tour, some fawlty towers, and an interesting and authentic Japanese meal. (The cookbook was actually in Japanese), we returned to campus and went off to a TV room to watch tank girl.

One of the protagonists was a technically orientated geek girl.

And just in case anyone forgot. Geek girls are so cute.


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