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Still hate the duck walk

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Aug. 26th, 2009 | 10:46 pm

I was staring at the source code for the new linden labs snow globe browser trying to figure out to stop default walk animations upper body from flopping around.

I did figure out how to build it and insert debugging statements, but when I tried to duplicate the code that was updating "mPelvisState" with some velocity vectors, to also update a new mHeadState I kept crashing the client.

I thought I understood what was going on as llkeyframewalkmotion:doUpdate was computing both ankle position and the pelvis position. But after staring it for a while, it looks like its just computing the ankle positions to figure out how far the pelvis is going to move in the next frame.

So I downloaded QAvimator and the Second Life BVH files, and determined that yes they used animation files and not code to define how a character walks.

However when I played the official walk animation in QAvimator, and in Second Life, it looks significantly better in QAvimator as the animation is rendering smoothly than the SL viewer. Though even with a better rendering, I think the head flops around too much.

Also I wonder what'd happen if I replaced the LLUUID for ANIM_AGENT_WALK_ADJUST with some random other walk animation. (I was going to try it with one of my purchased animation overrides, but the Copy UUID link was grayed out.

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