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Solitary Confinment at Home

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May. 12th, 2009 | 08:41 pm

Pretty much there was one big theme that popped out of the comments on my previous post–staying at home is isolating.

At our apartment complex there's a bunch of Muslim women with kids, their spotty English, and somewhat traditional garb makes me suspect they're from a more traditional culture. One interesting aspect of this traditional culture is they seem to end up in large groups in the public areas chatting with each other. There's far fewer opportunities for people in standard American culture to do that.

As an aside, before my SO moved in, I could get rather lonely after work, which is one reason I think I spent so much time playing MMOs. I think staring at the little people on my screen helped with some need to be "around people".

Also, it occurred to me that just because it can be tough for an introvert to go out and find company doesn't mean they can't use some human presence. I was thinking that I dislike it when people come up and bug me and want things from me, but I can feel better having a person or two nearby quietly doing something else.

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