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Charter Outage, Surprising Update

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Jan. 27th, 2009 | 08:59 pm

For a couple of days, if you searched for Charter Outage on google, my post Charter outage, elapsed time 34.5 hours was on the first page.

Today I received a call from Eric Ketzer from Charter Communications, who had this to say:
Hello Diane, my name is Eric Ketzer, I'm a manager with Charter Communications, I came across ... your blog. Uh, thirty-four hours with internet would certainly send me into a tizzy, uh, so I can appreciate the frustration there. Just wanted to take a moment to reach out, and see if there's anything I can do to help you out. I did check your account, looks like ... um, the credit has been issued for your time out of service. Uh, but then I, I read in there that you wanted to sever all ties, so. I don't like the sound of that, so if you want to give me a call, my desk phone is [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] and just let me know ... what I can do to keep you as a customer, cuz that's what I'd love to see happen. Uh, hope you're having a great day in sunny California, we're about to get four to six inches of snow in St. Louis, so, um, I'll talk to you soon, thanks. Bye-bye.

I didn't have time to call him back today, but I'd like to see if he can offer any answers about what happened this weekend. It is rather sad that you have to show up with a high ranking Google hit for a company before they start trying to provide customer service.

Also its a weird world we live in where I can know about various personal details of Eric Ketzer before I've ever talked to him.

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Comments {3}

John Tkalcich

(no subject)

from: jmtkalcich
date: Jan. 28th, 2009 05:44 am (UTC)

My company is starting to get more involved in social networking. It cracks me up to see what you can glean from the internet.

My blog is locked down, but you can still pull certain info about me off of profile pages, or facebook stuff or what have you.

Who needs the freedom of informaion act when we so gladly put it out there for free.

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Diane Trout

(no subject)

from: alienghic
date: Jan. 28th, 2009 06:09 am (UTC)

open the future has this interesting idea of the Participatory Panopticon where we all spy on ourselves and make everything public because its easier that way. (At least at the start).

Though it does lead to the weird ending of "he said, she said" arguments. (Why argue when you can just check the record.)

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Aluta Corinthiaca Sumptuosa

(no subject)

from: dragonblink
date: Jan. 28th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)

Since I know Mr. Professional Googlestalker is going to read this ...

Dude, I really hope you can blame that Twitter name on someone in Marketing. It's just about the cheeziest thing I've ever seen.

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