Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Charter outage, elapsed time 34.5 hours

Internet finally appears to have been restored after 34.5 hours.

I tried to a couple of times to ask charter "when's my service coming back, or what went wrong?" After that they transferred me to their "supervisor" and my phone soon after mysteriously hung up. They also hung up on dragonblink asking the same question this morning.

During this entire outage my router was receiving DHCP packets and I when bored I could ping my default gateway, there was a period I could ping other customers on my subnet.

(I was running tcpdump on my router and pinged other hosts who were showing up in the arp request broadcast traffic)
However the fact that I could reach things connected to my central office but nothing past it, strongly implies that it was some kind of router failure or uplink failure. Perhaps Charter Communications announced that two of its subsidiaries, CCH I Holdings (CIH) and Charter Communications Holdings (Holdings), have not made scheduled payments of interest, totaling $73.7 million in the aggregate, due on January 15, on certain of their outstanding senior notes. meant they couldn't pay their internet bill.

Tags: charter, charter sucks

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