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The future is not evenly distributed.

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Oct. 26th, 2008 | 11:05 pm

I spent they day sitting around in T-Mobile stores watching them fail to fix a problem with hotspot access for dragonblink. We watched in horror as the nice woman at the store we were at get transfered back and forth between "customer service" and "hotspot support" for two hours.

We cheered her on as she got increasingly angry at them, even though her efforts were in vain.

Also, there's something very odd about a sales rep for t-mobile needing to demand to speak to the manager for t-mobile's "customer service" rep, and need to ask for their last name and "rep number".

Eventually we went to the last T-Mobile store that still had a hotspot so we could try to diagnose the problem, when we arrived we discovered that the hot spot was broken. The sales reps claimed it was working browsing something on their phone. However, after testing their hot spot and failing to connect with both our laptops, we pointed out they should try reconnecting to it, and lo their phone couldn't reconnect to the "tmobile" hot spot.

Most likely they were getting connectivity from the shoe store next door!

So much bloody incompetence! The sales reps were all nice and tried to help us to the best of their ability. It's just that it appears that T-Mobile's internal infrastructure is crumbling.

One other funny part is they while T-Mobile's reps were showing off their G1 android phones, when I pulled out my E61 they were all like "ooh whats that?". My answer, its a European phone that's a couple years out of date--you can't get good phones in the US.

(However the street view interface on the G1 is fun. you hold it up and wave it around to pan the view, its kind of like having x-ray vision).

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