Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Community Network Operators Guide

(for superstruct)

Section 5: Providing Network Services during a crisis.

Section 5.2: Responding to large scale cyber attack.

First off find your printed copy of this manual and power everything down, and then take a deep breath and try to relax.

The instructions in this handbook are designed to help you during a crisis.

Once you've powered everything down, do the following:

Gather the sealed envelopes contains the minimal firmware needed for the community routers, and your emergency EMP generator. Go to your network operations room (or closet), close the door, and check for any odd hardware that might have worked its way into your equipment. You might want to bend all your cables to see if any have been spliced by drones.

Once you've done physical inventory unplug all the cabling, shield your routers and backup computers, and trigger the EMP. You should have a few minutes to reset to a know good state.

At this point power up the backup systems and pull out the pages containing backup copies of your routers firmware, and make sure you use the most recent versions! old versions may contain security flaws. Now connect the scanner to the JTAG port on your routers mainboard and reflash the firmware, making sure you fully wipe ALL of the flash memory.

Connect a blank cryptchip and flash your new root passwords to it.

Next enable basic moderated messaging and attempt to reconnect to your neighbors public nodes.

One of the worst problems of a cyber-attack is how rapidly panic can develop when there's a news black-out or, even worse, the net is filled with the rumors our darkest fears think are true.

You will need to verify messages to forward out to the world at this point. Hopefully people will compare our independent reports to whatever is spewing over the telco networks.

The next step will, unfortunately take a bit longer, you'll need to visit the sysops of your neighboring nodes and exchange new public keys and make sure you re-fill your one time pad randomness pools.

Make sure your RSA keys are at least 50k bits, we believe that the current generation of quantum computers, are limited to 50-60 entangled qu-bits.

And thank you for volunteering to be a community network operator, maintaining an alternate network infrastructure provides a host of important services for the modern resilliant community.
  • independent sources of information in case of tampering with the main networks.
  • local wikis and forums for tracking local emergency response efforts.
  • mirrors of critical references like wikipedia and instructables.
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