Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Business travel

Last friday I got sucked into another stupid day-trip to Stanford, we were scheduled to flying out at 7am and get back at 10pm.

For a warm up I sent an email to my boss saying, no air travel is not good because of its proportionally large personal green house gas emissions, not that helped me get out of it.

So my day started bright and early at 5am, I drove over to caltech and picked up 2 more coworkers, we then drove over picked up the fourth on the way. Once we landed, B said he was going to come back on sunday so he could spend time with his family.

Later during the day, an announcement that we'd gotten scooped came out, and so we lost another to staying up at stanford to finish off their paper.

J and I tried to make our way back to the air port, and we showed up just as the jetway to the 7pm flight was pulling back. We were about to give up and wait for the 9pm flight, when the ticket agent told us that flight was delayed until 10.30p. But if we wanted to we could fly back to a different LA area airport.

He called his wife, and they decided she could pick us up from LAX, so we hopped on the flight, sat around LAX for a while, took the long way around LA to go drop me off at my car back at burbank.

Where I finally got to start driving home at 10pm, alone. Yep, I lost every one of my 3 coworkers along the way.

Saturday I spent the last half of the day in bed with a splitting headache, I suspect from dehydration from that stupid trip.
Tags: travel

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