Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Need to lose

I need to lose weight, and a really effective tool for weight loss is a good program of self-monitoring.

If you live in the US, they'll tell you you should weigh yourself "regularly" and keep a food log.

The problem is that manually keeping track of that is a pain, and so people rapidly stop doing it, even if they've got a doctor standing over them telling them to do it.

I think the solution to this is better automated tools to make this process of self-monitoring beyond trivial.

This lead me to discover the Tanita BC-500 a body fat/scale that logs its measurements to a usb stick. (Of course it's one of those only-in-japan products I keep wanting).

Not to mention people still looking at me strangely when I mutter about bar or rfid coded food packaging and storage containers, so you can have an accurate accounting of how many calories you've eaten in a day without actually having to do anything.
Tags: weight

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