Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

I was thinking about something recently...

Why do I dislike TV?

Am I just bowing to the anti-capitalist peer presssure? Or is there something deeper at work?

I do know that I have trouble looking at other things when a TV is on, I do know that at times when my girlfriend is watching TV I leave the room so I can concentrate. Though I think I'm getting better at ignoring the TV.

There are TV shows that I think are neat like Mythbusters, and yet I know that if my girlfriend wasn't around, even with DVRing them, I still wouldn't watch.

I do waste vast amounts of time playing MMOs, and I do spend time searching the internet looking for things that are currently interesting to me. Heck I even work and hack on interesting personal projects. My parents watched TV though I didn't use TV as a "babysitter" (as far as I can remember). TV watching is no worse to my protestant guilt about not working 24/7 than MMOs are, so I the looking down on TV for being "immoral" doesn't seem to make sense.

I do know I desperately hate intrusive advertising, so I do know that I loathe TV that hasn't been flagged with commercial skip.

The media I do interact with seems to be non-linear, commercials are relatively static and easy to skip (or best yet don't exist), it is interactive and I can easily pause, skip, rewind, or switch to another thread.

(E.G reading a blog post, might lead to a quick search about some concept that I didn't understand.)

Another difference, on a recent mythbusters, I noticed how often they repeated themselves. The experimental setup was completely re-described every time they switched back to it, after every commercial break, and after every A/B story switch.

It would be a lot nicer if they just got to the point, and didn't waste time repeating themselves. Mostly I think my reading speed is vastly higher than most peoples speaking speed, so its more efficient for me to read than to have to listen to someone talk.

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