Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Why 12 hour clocks?

Being an anti-social creature of the unix server farm, I have a preference for 24 hour time. It always seemed more "logical" and less ambiguous to me. I could imagine needing to meet someone anytime between 8 and 12, and being very confused about when that really is.

But of course since 12 hour is the convention in the US, everyone thinks I'm weird for setting all my clocks to 24 hour time.

But, imagine my surprise when I went researching 24 hour watches I learned the following from 24 Hour Analog Dial and 24 Hour Watch

1. "Sundials use some or all of the 24 hour dial..."
2. You can use an analog 24 hour watch to find north by pointing the hour hand toward the sun, the 0 mark now points toward north.

So why 12 hour time?

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