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Such a boring day

But annoyingly useful... well after the sleeping in part.

I mostly spent today, followed by finishing off entering my last 3 months of receipts and balanced all of my accounts, including the mysterious mandatory retirement account.

An account which has managed to loose 5% of the money being fed into it in 6 months. Oh wait, that was September, now according to the downloaded quote it's only lost .8% of it's value. Whee, I've been sucked into being a capitalist.

In the process I got my palm pilot slightly working again. Which allowed me to find my password for paypal. So now I finally got around to registering my livejournal account. Oooh the coolness factor, The vaunted "paidmember" membership.

Ah, what to do next: shred several months worth of receipts, do some more thrilling filing, go watch mystery men, or configure my latest computers to talk to my palm correctly.

Though I have this strange desire to reorganize my gnucash chart of accounts so I can see how much money I've given the banks in interest payments. But that makes me feel really boring, doing silly little accountancy things.

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