Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

New Apartment

My girlfriend and I were out and about when we saw there was a leasing office open for some new apartments. It was hard to resist the call of "Hi-tech" and "Wi-fi" living so we stopped by. I'd previously assumed that there was absolutely no hope of renting cool new apartments in pasadena, and though significantly more expensive than our current place, it was at the upper end of our budget.

Also because they incorporated a historical 1950s building into the property there's way more "public" space then I've seen in nearly any residential project. (Though for some reason, one of the main halls makes me feel like I'm in logan's run.)

After a bit of pressure from the nice sales lady, some non pressure from their "assistance" manager, and my girlfriends excitement we're going to go back and turn in an application.

High tech living apparently mean they ran coax and ethernet through the unit to a central box in the closet. (If it was really high tech, there'd be power in the closet.)
Tags: apartment, me

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