Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


This weekend we tried to buy a new room air conditioner so hopefully I'd be less miserable during the summer. Unfortunately when we discovered that it wouldn't quite reach the window through some of the shelves, I snapped.

I really need to purge some stuff. For I bit I wished reality was more like second life, you need something, you rez it. Once done with it, you de-rez it.

Right now I'm feeling frustrated with my excess computer equipment and my old books.

I used to feel like collecting books was a worthwhile endeavor, but now I'm tired of storing them and moving them. I really wish ebooks would work out. You can cram a vast library of text on a single memory card.

The adventures of Sherlock Homes is available from Project Gutenberg at about 560 Kbytes, assuming a 2 Gigabyte memory card, you can story about 3740 copies of that work. My entire library is probably on the order of a 1,000 books. Theoretically reduced to plain text and compressed all of those books should comfortably fit on a single SD card--which is about the size of my thumbnail. In paper form those books occupy about 5.8 by 8.7 feet.

I've read books off of a laptop and a palm pilot and I think its a bit more comfortable to read off of some kind of tablet form factor. I bet the OLPC would actually make a pretty decent eBook reader. Its fairly small and energy efficient (modern laptops can get pretty toasty after a long period of usage). The iRex Iliad might also work as a long battery life, high-efficiency reader.
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