Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Bounded Irrationality

Ambient Findability contained a brief list of some common human decision making traps.

being unduly influenced by the first information found
"Through selective search and perception, we subconsciously seek data that supports our existing point of view, and avoid contradictory evidence."
overly influenced by recent, dramatic events, or by constant repetition from multiple sources (sucks that the Echo Chamber works so well on our limited brains)
Status quo
"we look for reasons to do nothing"
Sunk cost
Unwillingness to admit past mistakes, means that we continue to make decisions in ways that justifies past choices. (Scientology seems well designed to take advantage of this).

We ask the wrong questions and trust the wrong sources. We substitute optimism for data. and we are influenced by peer pressure and groupthink. Decisions shape our lives, and yet they're often made in the dark, beneath the comforting veneer of rationality.

(the definitions were paraphrased (and commented upon) from page 157, the blockquote was a direct quote of the following paragraph.
Tags: psychology

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