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Apr. 17th, 2007 | 02:02 pm


I feel like the media companies like the RIAA and the US Copyright Royalty Board are designed to transform the US into a restrictive gray land, devoid of creativity.

Many years ago I stopped listening to commercial radio after the FCC relaxed its regulation on the maximum per company market share. The resulting Los Angeles radio "market" controlled by clear channel is bland, uninteresting, and a frequent shill for Republican "Interests" (See for instance the Dixie Chicks controversy during the lead up to the Iraq War.)

To still hear new creative works I turned to independent internet "radio" stations for something different from what was offered by the highly restrictive play lists of Clear Channel.

These new rules for compulsory licensing are almost certain to bankrupt any station that can't find a way to directly license music from the copyright holder. These stations were some of the last members of an independent marketplace of music.

The result of this will be a further destruction of any variation in the American music industry--I believe it is this variation that feeds into the creative process.

As the media companies force us further and further into a world with restricted and controlled media we will continue to loose our previous strong position in influencing world culture.

I beg that you overturn the rulings of the copyright board and define a more equitable license that allows independent media to explore and define new musical genres.

Diane Trout

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