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Planet Python

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Mar. 18th, 2007 | 09:59 pm

Hi to my friends Titus and everyone from SoCal Piggies. I'm surprised my (filtered) feed was finally added to planet python (on march 12th).

Drat, now I have another audience to consider when writing blog entries.

I've been using python since about version 1.5, I currently code some bioinformatics software using a mix of C++ and Python. I was a long time debian/free software geek until pushed over os x by trying to get alsa to send music out a TOSlink port. Though like many other linux switchers, I keep trying to drag a bunch of open source software onto OS X, eventually I hope to reduce my use of OS X down to a nice set of device drivers.

This year was my first PyCon, which felt worth while even after facing the annoyance of the TSA. (Though I also attended last years SciPy.)

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