Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


I have the whole mozilla cvs root converted to Mercurial. The cvs20hg tool managed to read the whole thing without crashing. The conversion took just over 7 days, on one CPU of a dual dual core xeon box. The original cvs repository was 3.4 GiB, while the mercurial repository is 1.7 GiB. Even better I've been able to update my mirror of the cvs root with rsync and then get cvs20hg to update the mercurial repository with new changes.

I suspect that the (rather complicated) branching information was lost, though for my purposes that's fine. I just want to be able to apply, test, and remove patches from the mozilla head. (Mmm my own custom firefox and thunderbird).

If I cared more, my interpretation of the git docs suggest that it supports multiple branches within a single repository. Most of the other distributed version control systems view each repository as a single branch.

Now I just need to get ccache working with the mozilla build system so it doesn't take 3 hours to build.
Tags: mercurial, mozilla, programming

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