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It'd be useful if I had a catalog of some my books, so I if I was in a game store, and wondered which edition of Javascript: The Definitive guid or the D&D monster manual do I have? I've heard a bit about library thing, but it appears to be closed source, and is orientated toward socially tagging books.

I was wondering if there were any alternatives, so I searched for "open source library".

I know I'm crazy, but there's something tempting about using something like PINES-Evergreen to track my books. (this demo result shows some cool asynchronous web interface features.)

If you didn't follow the links, PINES-Evergreen is used by the Georgia Public Library System to manage their states library collection.

Yes it's GPL, yes they have instructions on how to install it on under Debian. No, there's no real reason why I might want to do this.

(If I was running KDE tellico would probably be a better choice, if I was willing to pay money for OS X closed source software delicious library is also well liked.)

(It's fun to see what ideas real tech-savvy librarians are coming up with zeroconf-meta-opensearch is one librarian trying to face up how to make "real" libraries as easy to search as iTunes.)
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