Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Transportation Commission

Today was a Pasadena Transportation Advisory Commission meeting. We had three things on our agenda today: a presentation from some urban planning students from Cal Poly Pomona; A discussion of the Capital Improvement Projects; and discussion of a new project at 3300 E. Foothill Blvd.

The students were tasked with trying suggesting how to make the Pasadena central district more pedestrian friendly, I'm not sure where their report is going to end up, but I liked the idea of putting LED lighting in the trees on Green Street (which is currently pretty dark at night). They also wanted to make the sidewalks wider by removing parking on Colorado, and then partially closing colorado to traffic.

After that we discussed the capital improvement projects, I was most interested in what was going to be done to protect the hearing of people waiting on the freeway gold line stops. The previous plan was to install sound barriers, but the city is currently planning on putting a train arrival notification system in to encourage people to wait further away from the freeway platform.

I also wanted to know about a proposed extension of the Orange Bus Rapid Transit line from the San Fernando valley through Burbank and Glendale to the Del Mar station in Pasadena. I was curious how likely that project was to be funded. The transportation department director was of the opinion that the deal was nearly sealed, but of course since the money hasn't actually been allocated it wasn't guaranteed yet.

Lastly there was a really cool 212 unit apartment and theater project going in on foothill. As I still feel kind of inexperienced at reviewing projects I don't fully trust my instincts, but it really seemed like this architect was doing a really good job. They had a really neat walkway with pocket parks that connect the theater with the sierra madre gold line station. Also an interesting feature of the housing was that each unit would have its own little bike closet.

Of note the theater is being designed to support A Noise Within, so if all the approvals go through that theater troupe would (probably) be moving to pasadena.
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