Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Frustrating weekend

Not only did I have my aforementioned phone problems, several other things didn't work so well either.

I wasn't able to find a decent solution for converting a mirror of the mozilla cvs tree to git. I wanted to use some kind of distributed version control system so I could safely try and roll back some patches. I like darcs, but it doesn't scale to mozilla sized projects all that well--and git does.) Perhaps I should try cvsup and just use cvs against my own mirror of the mozilla cvs tree.

I had trouble with my gpg-agent hack which made sending email a bit of a pain. I really need to go poke into the macgnupg group.

I also haven't figured out how to get a python script on the S60 to import a module I transfered over.

I had some weird bug in BibDesk that was causing drag and drop to not work. At some point something went sufficiently wrong that it offered me a chance to submit a bug report. Much to my shock someone actually responded to my report. Unfortunately the bug appears to have been "QuickSilver got wedged in some strange way that caused any applications that were launched from it to get a null pasteboard reference for drag and drop." (pasteboard is OS X's term for the clipboard). After I saw where the error was I tried restarting quicksilver, and suddenly my problem went away.

Finally My girlfriend also got a T-Mobile Dash, which is pretty cool, except now she's got working instant messaging from her phone, and I don't. (Yeah I could buy a IM client, but that seems like cheating).
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